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Kelly Street Trees

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Turning off the busy Kentish Town Road into Kelly Street, visitors usually focus on the beautiful curve of painted houses.

But it's not just about the houses. The trees that line the street have always been a noted feature. Here is an excerpt from the essential Kelly Street Conservation Area Strategy 2011 document.

Camden Council have a Tree department and a detailed Tree database featuring the Camden Tree map. We can see that Camden Council does actually recognise the strategic importance of the street trees... and their value. Just look at what the big Ash tree by Castlehaven Road is worth !

Most of the Kelly Street trees were Whitebeams but these are slowly being replaced by a wider variety of trees.






Loads of this data and much more about London's trees can be found on Tree Talk

This map is a bit misaligned, but when you get there it's not too hard to work out which tree is what.

Camden Council Tree department -

Do check out our Tree Gallery for larger images of all the photos in this story - and more.

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